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Roller Shades
Sun Shades, Cloth Shades & Blackout Shades

Sun Screen Roller Shades

Price Index; $ 160.00

Sun Screen Shades are roller shades that are made of fabrics that allow for outward visibility while at the same time reducing incoming light, heat, glare and destructive UV rays. Most sunshades are a PVC mesh that is woven with a certain small percentage of its overall area left as airspace – this airspace is the openness factor. Openness factors of 1%, 3%, 5%, and 10% are the most prevalent in use today, with the clarity of the view increasing and the effective shading decreasing as the openness factor goes up.

Cloth Roller Shades

Price Index; $ 133.00

The classic roller shade, privacy shades are made of translucent , closed-weave fabrics that prevents any direct visibility through the shade. Since light is transmitted through the fabric, privacy shades do not prevent silhouettes from bright backlighting within the room. Use privacy shades in living areas for nighttime privacy, and for diffused, natural lighting plus privacy during the day.

Privacy shades are very useful for combining with drapery treatments or as a second shade to backup and increase the utility of mesh sunshades or grasscloth shades.

Blackout Roller Shades

Price Index; $ 223.00

Blackout Shades For complete light blockage.
Blackout roller shades are a perfect compliment for draw drapery where almost total room darkening is needed. The 400 series, side-channelled blackout system is another means of controlling light bleeding in from the edges of the shades. We offer four lines of blackout fabric to match any décor:

Motorized Shades

Shade motor types:
Standard hard-wired: Controlled by wall switch or relay. Standard 120 VAC that requires a four conductor home run from each motor to switch or relay location. Cannot be parallel wired or “daisy chained”

RTS (radio transmission Somfy) :
Each motor has a built in radio receiver which responds to signals from hand-held remotes, wireless wall switches, timers, sensors, Z wave units or computer control via interface boards such as RS232. Powered by either 120 VAC or 24VDC.

Battery drive motors:
Controlled by either an IR remote or by radio (radio motors having the same options for control as the RTS motors listed above).
Powered by 12V lithium cell battery wands which last 1 to 2 years with everyday use.
Maximum size shade these motors are able to lift is approximately 8’ x 8’.